What is Growing Up With Media?

Growing Up With Media is a study that looks at why some young people have healthy relationships while others have unhealthy relationships.

Why are my answers important?

Your answers will help researchers design programs that will help young people make healthy choices and live healthier lives. We want to learn about young people’s lives from them. Only 1,300 youth like you are being asked to participate this year. Your answers together with theirs will help shape the research and programs.

Who is organizing this survey?

The Center for Innovative Public Health (CiPHR) has done studies with young people in the U.S. and across the world. We are a non-profit company committed to helping young people live healthier lives. CiPHR has teamed up with Princeton Survey Research Associates International to do this survey. They also have a lot of experience doing surveys on the phone and online. The study is being funded by the National Institute of Health.

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