About CiPHR

We are The Center for Innovative Public Health Research, also known as CiPHR.(pronounced: \ˈsī-fər\).

Our Motto:

Decoding how technology influences and can improve public health

We started out in 2003 as Internet Solutions for Kids, Inc. (ISK). Over the past decade, technology has developed into an ever changing patchwork of systems that are increasingly interconnected. Over that same time, our work has transformed from a specific focus on Internet and youth, to also now include other technologies (e.g., text messaging, cell phone-accessible websites) and other populations (e.g., young adults).

As technology continues to evolve, so too will we.  Our new name, CiPHR, reflects our adaptability and continued fervent belief that to positively affect the public’s health, you have to go where people are – wherever that is in this evermore technology-infused world.

The Center for Innovative Public Health Research, also known as CiPHR, examines the impact that technology has on health and how it can be used to affect health. We have developed programs to reduce HIV transmission, increase smoking cessation, and provide supportive resources for youth experiencing cyberbullying and people with depression. CiPHR is a non-profit, public health research incubator founded under the previous name, Internet Solutions for Kids, Inc. (ISK).

Mission Statement:

Our vision is to promote positive human development through the creation and implementation of innovative and unique technology-based research and health education programs. Public health is ever evolving and so are we.

For more information please visit our website: innovativepublichealth.org